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Comate Intelligent Sensor manufacture thermal mass flow meter, vortex flow meter, compressed air evaluation system, which are used in various difference industrial applications.

Thermal mass flow meters are generally used for gas mass flow measurement. Some of the applications are the measurement of compressed air, Nitrogen, Cl gas and many other process gases. It can also used in measurement of natural gas, biogas and other fuel gas. In environmental industrial, it can be used in emission monitoring, aeration.


Vortex flow meter is a measurement solution for almost all fluid, including liquids, gases and steam. It is most used in the measurement of steam and its custody transfer, and other process gas such as compressed air, Oxygen. Vortex flow meter can also be used in measurement of some liquid fluid, such as condensate water, thermal oil and some low/none conductivity liquid.

CAE800 compressed air evaluation system is generally used in the working status and power consumption evaluation of compressed air system. It can measure and record all important parameters in a compressed air system such as flow rate, power consumption, pressure, temperature etc. It can also generate graph for visualized evaluation.


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